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Patients Donate Implants to Anderson Orthopaedic Research Institute

July 14, 2015

Since 2006, William Begel has worked as a certified relocation consultant for the Victory Van Corporation, a moving company located in Alexandria, Virginia. In this position, he provides clients with moving and storage options in and around Washington, D.C. In addition to his work, William Begel has participated in charitable golf tournaments and fundraising opportunities, one of which benefitted the Anderson Orthopaedic Research Institute (AORI).

Established in 1972, AORI investigates the effectiveness of a variety of strategies for total knee and hip replacements. AORI’s goal is to improve these procedures and increase the number of positive outcomes. Since its inception, data collected by the institute has helped patients with arthritis and other musculoskeletal disorders lead active and pain-free lifestyles. Among its research offerings are a computerized database with information on 12,000 patients with knee and hip replacements, radiographic archives, and a postmortem collection of hip and knee implants.

The institute finds that many of the patients from the nearby Anderson Clinic are willing to bequeath their prosthetic devices to AORI upon their deaths. In addition, AORI collects implants that were removed due to failure or infection. These specimens allow researchers to determine what changes occurred in the implants and surrounding tissue while the implants were in place. Patients who wish to participate in these programs can contact AORI’s implant retrieval program directly.